May 22, 2019

One thing I never expected to see wandering out of a mobile home of any kind is a potbelly pig. But here I am chatting with the owner of these sleek throwback trailers on a gravely lot in New Mexico, and Queen Maxine, the aforementioned swine, comes trotting down a ramp to her food bowl.

She doesn’t come with the listing, I’m afraid.

Maxine is just one of the lovable charms inside this cozy trailer park in El Prado on the north end of Taos. The rental success is a "happy accident" of sorts for Amy, a sweet-hearted school teacher who has racked up 842 five-star reviews since listing her trailers on Airbnb.

After my stay, it’s easy to see why.

Driving through the surrounding neighborhood makes you feel a bit like a local. Amy delivers directions post-booking to her darling compound that you’d never be able to find otherwise. After meandering down a curvy backroad lined with coyote fencing — peeled branches or latillas tied to a framework — it’s very much a "look for a stack of tires, and you’re here" set of instructions.

That’s not a bad thing. Even with the other trailers on the same lot, there’s a comfortable sense of privacy as each unit is spaced apart with an accompanying deck and fireplace.

I stayed in the 1954 Silver Dome travel trailer nicknamed the Yellow Submarine. If it’s just you and/or another, I’d say it’s perfectly spacious. I’m continually evolving my expectations around how much (or little) space I need, but that could just be me. Apart from the swanky interior and thoughtful amenities (hand-crafted foot warmers - yes!), the interior is packed with cool discoveries throughout. Think Jimmy Hendrix art hidden in with the toilet paper.

The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and Taos are both a short drive away, and at night there are slingback chairs to relax by the fire under star-pinned skies.

While Taos is already well-known for their unique dwellings — they’re the birthplace of the earth ship — another vintage trailer park, Hotel Luna Mystica, has opened nearby and adjacent to Taos Mesa Brewery. It’s literally stumbling distance from the brewery, so there’s that convenience, I suppose. And while I haven’t seen them apart from a roadside drive-by at night — the last image in the gallery above — those of similar size are also almost double the price to what’s here in quiet El Prado.

And there’s no Queen Maxine, of course.

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