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stump henge

Forget what you know about tiny dwellings. This authentically-replicated Sheepherder’s wagon set on a quiet homestead in Dolores, CO is a perfectly curious stop near Mesa Verde National Park.

mesa verde quickie

A half-day guide for first-time visitors to Mesa Verde National Park, an archeological wonder that protects close to 5,000 Ancestral Pueblo sites, including famous cliff dwellings.

Yellow Submarine

On a quiet gravel plot outside of Taos, New Mexico, a sweet-hearted school teacher has assembled a collection of nostalgic vintage trailers where mountain views meet mid-century chill.

black canyon of the gunnison

Named for its deep, sunless chasms descending 2,722 feet from rim to river at its greatest depth, Black Canyon of the Gunnison is regarded as one of North America’s most impressive canyons.

greater world earthship community

This off-grid community of curious dwellings, aka the Earthship, outside Taos, New Mexico draws travel lovers, investors, and environmentalists from around the world.

1860 stagecoach stop

A cozy and charming cabin outside of Lake George stands as a reminder to old Colorado living. Updated for modern comforts, the four-person outhouse still remains.

the Mermaid cottage

On an off-grid ranch on the western edge of the San Luis Valley in Colorado, a cordwood casita known as the Mermaid Cottage inspires sustainable living. And it only cost $5,000 to build.

base camp adventure lodge

This sprawling adventurescape outside Moab is a destination that will prove to be life-changing. It’s a rough ride getting there, but the stars and silence you’ll find when you arrive will be well worth it.


kasha-katuwe tent rocks national monument

The result of volcanic eruptions that occurred six to seven million years ago, these cone-shaped rock formations are a must-see stop between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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