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Welcome. Here you’ll find the curiosities and insights of two newbie explorers learning how to live smarter and more financially-empowered by pushing beyond our comfort zone.

We’re especially inspired by thoughtful storytelling and reaching into the lesser-known spaces off the beaten path.

About Elaine Skylar Neal — I’m a photographer, writer, and eternal optimist. I often identify myself as an introverted extrovert as I tend to prefer solitude to socializing. But two decades in journalism forced me out of a comfortable shyness, exposing me to a lively world of constant interaction. This blog is dedicated to my father, who died before he got the chance to see the world.

About Vincent Neal— After serving in the Air Force post-Sept. 11th, 2001, I’ve spent 13 years working for the credit union movement, passionate about serving our members and helping others. Much of my work has been teaching financial literacy out in the community, helping them break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, emerging stronger after being sunk in debt, and how to save for what’s important.

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