May 24, 2019

If it isn’t already apparent, I’ve pretty much fallen in love with unconventional dwellings. In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever stay in a Hampton Inn again. Sorry, Hilton, we had our time together. And I know that there can be a great deal of comfort that comes with familiarity, but when the Hampton started charging upwards of $120 for the same sad waffles and bland interior I had to make a change.

And like millions of people around the world, I glommed onto to the quirky-rich offerings of Airbnb, collectively inflicting unintentional pain on the hotel industry and permanently altering the vacation rental landscape for decades to come. Here are some impressive fast facts about the current reach of Airbnb’s platform.

Thankfully, that reach spreads into even the tiniest of municipalities and remote territories where you’d never even find the likes of a Hampton Inn.

A not so remote territory, Colorado Springs is well-known across the United States as home to the United States Air Force Academy and Peterson Air Force Base, among other nearby military sites. The US Olympic Training Center is based there and so is the headquarters of the US Olympic Committee. Add to that Manitou Springs, Old Colorado City, Garden of the Gods, and Pikes Peak, those are just a few of the numerous draws to a city that U.S. News named the number one most desirable place to live in the US in 2018.

But if you’re willing to drive another 40 miles to the northwest and into Lake George, you can stay in a historic cabin that’s a humble reflection of Colorado’s past. Tucked away on Idlewild Ridge Ranch, the former stagecoach stop was erected in 1860, even before the town of Lake George itself was established in 1891.

The cabin is full of minimalistic charm with its original timbers, wood burning stove, and cozy one-bedroom configuration. According to the owner, in 1880 a Swedish family built onto it and raised their three children there. Certainly roomy enough for a couple, it’s hard to imagine adding three kiddos to the mix and sharing the space over an entire lifetime.

It’s been updated with standard utilities and has a television and wifi. The four-seater outhouse leftover from its stagecoach stop days still remains. And exploring the land behind the cabin will lead to a bouldered ridge with mountain views as you wander among the whispering aspens.

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